Publish projects

Last updated October 23, 2014



This guideline explains how to assess the emissions of your building project for publishing on Shaped.



Only building projects can be published. Infrastructures and interior decoration projects are not eligible.


The project building must be a new-construction or "reused" building (existing structure).


The project building must be at least 10m2 in size.


Assessments shall be done in good faith and shall respect the fundamental GHG accounting principles: relevance, completeness, consistency, accuracy, and transparency. It is recommended (although not mandatory) to assess the project building in accordance with the LCB Method 3.0 (



Assess 1 building and 1 building only. Consider the building in its entirety, do not include only parts of a building.


Do not associate a site to the building other than its footprint (the site directly below the building).



Only include "architectural" materials (most of these materials -with a few exceptions- belong to divisions 3 to 10, 31, and 32 in CSI MasterFormat 2011). Do not include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components other than pipes. Do not include furniture.


Only consider materials permanently installed on the project (do not include formworks, scaffolding, etc.).


Include all the materials contributing to 1% or more of the total emissions (do a pre-assessment to determine that). Do not exclude materials that in aggregate contribute to more than 5% of the total emissions.


Assumptions regarding the "reuse" of materials shall be based on strong evidences. In any case, it shall not be assumed that a material will be reused more than once after deconstruction.


Carbon offsets:

Do not account for carbon offsets.