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Shaped makes it easy to assess the whole life embodied carbon of building projects. It is 100% free and can be used by virtually everybody working on a construction project.


Source code - Shaped is powered by the Low-Carbon Buildings Method 3.0 (, a simplified methodology built on PAS 2050 and in line with GHG accounting best practices for carrying out lifecycle assessments.


Get started


Create an account and login.


Step 1. Create a project


1-Fill the form on the main page with the name, gross floor area (m2), and expected service life (years) of the project building.

2-Click "Create".


Click "My account " at the top of the screen to open an existing project.


Step 2a. Add materials


On Shaped you can either import materials from the database or add your own materials.


Import a material from the database:

1-Look for the material you want to add to your project (search box on the right of the screen).

2-Click the checkbox beside the name of the material.

3-Click the red arrow <> at the center of the screen.

4-Fill the form (read Guidelines first).

5-Click "Add".


Add your own material:

1-Click the "Add your material" lbutton at the top of the screen.

2-Fill the form (read Guidelines first).

3-Click "Add".


Step 3. Done! Check emissions


The whole life embodied carbon of your project is calculated and displayed in real time on the main page together with the carbon emissions associated with each material. Also detailed results can be accessed by clicking the "Results" button at the top of the screen.


Next step? Share! - Sharing project info on Shaped is free and can be done at any stage of your project, even prior to any assessment (Pledge). Once online, your project will appear in the projects database.


1-Read Guidelines to see if your project is eligible.

2-Click the "Share" button at the top of teh screen.

3-Indicate if your assessment is a pledge, a pre-assessment, or a detailed assessment.

4-Click "Share".


Repeat steps 1 to 4 above to update published info. Go to your account and click "unpublish" below the name of your project to "unpublish" it.


If you have any question about Shaped, please write to us at